November 3, 2015
November 18, 2015


Country music is a great river that has absorbed many streams: from immigrant folk songs, Irish and Celtic ditties, cowboy-blues and dance-hall swing to rockabilly, boogie and bluegrass, with an under-current of honky tonk and gospel. To understand its modern-day significance as the ultimate crossbreed, and its vast importance in the global mainstream, is to know why music matters. Elvis Presley called Country ‘the oldest music in the world’.


If you know enough to want to know more, or if you’re starting from scratch, you have come to the right place. With an aim to become the go-to channel for Country music in the UK, ShowBiz TV will be celebrating in depth  the popularity of this genre, and exploring its fascinating history and development. Our comprehensive schedule of  programming has been designed to thrill both the novice and the connoisseur.


Building on Country’s core values – honesty, passion, emotion, and  feeling part of something – ShowBiz TV is set to launch an enchanting range of handpicked shows which honour both the sounds and the back-story of this three hundred year old tradition. You will be guided on an unforgettable journey you will want to take again and again


Country began life as community music with its own heroes and institutions, its own record labels and radio stations, and set out to entertain a modest-income audience widely neglected by America’s national media. From the turn of the last century, when Country was essentially the music of the poor white Southerner, and of only marginal importance to the record industry;  through its commercial expansion at the end of World War II, when several labels established offices and studios in Nashville to record Country music’s top radio performers for Southern consumption;  to its status as the driving force of American music today, influencing musical styles and output the world over, the music once derided as ‘hillbilly’ has at last conquered the globe. Breaking out of regional-appeal status, incorporating elements of many other genres on the way, it has acquired all the glamour, grit, personality and sexuality of rock ‘n’ roll.


Its perceived defining features – harmonies and harmonicas, banjos and ballads, fiddles, pedal steels and acoustic guitars – are now only part of the story. Now that electric guitars, keyboards and the full complement of digitised technology have been embraced, it could go anywhere.


Country is music with open arms. It is an international barn dance with a jukebox thrown in. Grab your hat, kick on your Cubans and get on down!


Oh, and while you’re down there, have you heard of Lucy Angel?


Coming soon to ShowBiz TV, DISCOVERING LUCY ANGEL is a must-watch series acquired exclusively for UK broadcast. The Kardashians meet the Osbournes in this Country-themed docu-series set in Franklin, Tennessee, which captures the irresistible ups and downs of the Anderton family’s lives and times as mother-and-daughters trio Lucy Angel strive to put themselves on the Country map.


Buy their debut self-titled album here:

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