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Lucy Angel to star on ShowBizTV

Nashville dropped in on Soho this week for something of a hoedown at Ronnie Scott’s jaunty jazz club, when the Country mum-daughter trio known as Lucy Angel landed in London for the very first time. Not only did they have their brilliant new album to plug, but their acclaimed Reality TV series ‘Discovering Lucy Angel’ comes exclusively to ShowBiz TV this Sunday night!

Lucy Angel to star on ShowBizTV

Exuberant, wicked, wit-tongued and tight, the girls blew a breath of fresh air through old Ronnie’s, not only with their gobsmacking beauty but with the kind of polished sibling harmonies that stop the heart. Lead singer Lindsay is a no-nonsense, straight-talking gal who has been, seen and done it. She’s a mom with attitude who belts out raw emotion as if she invented it. Too cute-to-be true mom Kate milks a mean mandolin, and can’t possibly be old enough – for any of it. With younger daughter Emily on acoustic guitar and holding the rhythm in check, Lucy Angel packed a smack with a tempting selection of songs by writers such as Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally and Anthony Smith, infusing some daredevil lyric lines with their giant personalities and a whole lot of downright cheek. Foot-tapping on the sidelines was husband/dad ‘The G-Man’, the driving force behind the girls’ huge success in America. Long-suffering and infinitely patient, he assumes managerial, promotional and production responsibilities, and acts as general dogsbody in between. He declares that, at times, he is the only thing holding it all together as the girls strive to keep cascading golden curls intact, their delicate throats in shape, and their nerve

The G-Man claims he ‘knew all along that they were heading for The Big.’

‘I’ve sunk my heart and soul into this, and it’s a real joy to see them breaking through now,’ he confided.

‘What you see is totally what you get.’

‘He’s right,’ affirmed Kate, his real-life Barbie Mrs G-Man. ‘I feel like my time has come now. I was tucked away being a devoted wife and mom all those years, and then suddenly the kids were all grown and I got to thinking, what do I wanna do now? It was music, of course – it was always music – and the idea for Lucy Angel just dropped in out of the sky. Even though I’m a grandma now (don’t make me laugh), there was something inevitable about it. Like we didn’t have a choice.’

So what are you waiting for? Pull a beer, grab your sweetheart, kick off your shoes and put up your feet, in time for a reality series with a difference that will really blow your mind. Watch them blossom! Feel their pain! Get on down with the honeys of Nashville as they ride the white-knuckle rollercoaster on the Country road to fortune and fame.

If you kept up with the Kardashians, O.D.’d on the Osbournes and are ready for an altogether gentler and more creative groove in your quest for guilty pleasure, look no further than this brand-new-to-British-TV series set in Franklin, Tennessee, which charts the course of Kate, Emily and Lindsay Anderton, a mother-and daughter trio on the mission of a lifetime.

Already a must-watch in the US, ‘Discovering Lucy Angel’ is attention-seeking at its finest. For these are sophisticated gals with heart, soul and twang in their blood, who will stop at little to realise their dream of Country stardom on the world’s wider stage.

Where run-of-the-mill reality TV can at times seem tired and contrived, the Anderton family are the classic breath of fresh air. Not only do they present as one hundred per cent who they really are, but they are also funny, opinionated, driven, beautiful, and nothing if not eminently watchable. The intense, eccentric dramas of their lives, times and ambitions are played out against the magnetic backdrop of the Nashville music scene. Unscripted, addictive and fantasy-indulging, the series satisfies even the deepest craving for fly-on-the-wall TV.

Discovering Lucy Angel PR event at Ronnie Scotts

‘Discovering Lucy Angel’ affords ShowBiz TV the unique opportunity to celebrate the popularity of this much-loved heritage music, as well as to explore its compelling history and its place on the musical spectrum today. And guess what, it doesn’t ‘all sound the same’. Far from it. A great river that has absorbed countless streams, from immigrant folk songs, Irish and Celtic ditties, cowboy-blues and dance-hall swing to rockabilly, boogie and bluegrass, it has an irresistible under-current of honky tonk and gospel. Its modern-day significance as the ultimate crossbreed, and its vast importance in the global mainstream, cannot be under-played.

Country began life as community music with its own values, heroes and institutions, its own record labels and radio stations, and set out to entertain a modest-income audience widely neglected by America’s national media. From the turn of the last century, when it was still the music of the poor white Southerner, and of only marginal importance to the record industry;  through its commercial expansion at the end of World War II, when several labels established offices and studios in Nashville to record Country’s top radio performers for Southern consumption; to its status as the driving force of American music today, the genre once derided as ‘hillbilly’ music has come a spectacularly long way. Breaking out of regional-appeal status, incorporating elements of other genres en route, and having made its way across the seas, it has acquired all the glamour, grit, personality and sexuality of rock ‘n’ roll.

This, then, is the heritage that the Anderton girls explore and make their own.

Whether you’re looking for Reality TV or an escape from your own reality, Discovering Lucy Angel is the trip of a lifetime, as well as a celebration of the good things in life. We’ll see you by the barn.

Discovering Lucy Angel premiers this Sunday at 730pm on ShowBiz TV, Sky channel 266.

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